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Friday, February 26, 2010

What You May Not Know About Delicious

Yesterday, I attended SLA's Minnesota Chapter Interesting Things event, where several of the attendees present for approximately 3 minutes on something they find interesting and are passionate about. Some participants chose to present something related to their careers; others presented topics non-work related. Topics ranged from Ultimate Frisbee to traveling by train to a slide show with pictures of Minnesota libraries from 1979. It was a fun event and I enjoyed all of the mini-talks people gave.

My talk was on the social bookmarking tool, Delicious. Delicious is more than just adding bookmarks and tagging them. While Delicious is widely considered to be a social bookmarking website, you can keep selected bookmarks private. The social aspect of Delicious is through networking. You can add people to your Delicious network with similar interests. This is a great way to discover new websites that may be of interest to you. You can also subscribe to certain tags, so you can keep track of whenever someone bookmarks a website having that tag.

If like me, you have alot of tags and bookmarks, you might be interested in finding ways to better organize and manage them. You can create tag bundles, where related tags are grouped together. For example, I have all of my tags related to books and authors in one bundle and the tags related to reference in a separate bundle. In a few cases, a tag will fit into more than one bundle, and you can put a tag in multiple bundles.

I prepared power point slides for my presentation. If interested submit a reply with your email and I'll be happy to send them to you.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I just downloaded TweetDeck and I'm finding that it really enhances my Twitter experience. The TweetDeck interface consists of multiple columns such as a column for tweets by people you're following, another column for tweets where you're mentioned, a column for your direct messages, and a column for recommended people to follow. With these columns, you can add new ones, delete unwanted ones, alter the width, move, filter the contents, mark all content as read, and clear seen updates.

I explored the settings on TweetDeck and you can do things such as alter the color scheme and choose which site you want to use for uploading photos and URL shortening. You can also add a Twitter counter and even manage social networking accounts besides Twitter (Facebook, MySpace, and LinkedIn).

I found the interface of TweetDeck to be really slick and I will be using this when checking my Twitter and other social networking accounts.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Business and Company Resource Center

Gale's database, Business and Company Resource Center has added some new features, updated its interface, and expanded its content. One particularly interesting new feature is S.W.O.T. analysis (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats), which is available for nearly 500 companies, including Microsoft. To access S.W.O.T. analysis, do a company search. Companies with S.W.O.T. analysis available will have a Download S.W.O.T. icon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Twitter: Not Just for Breakfast Anymore

Some people dismiss Twitter because they think it's just about people posting mundane things like what they ate for breakfast. While there are some people who use Twitter for that purpose, it's certainly not everybody. There are numerous reasons why people use Twitter- to view job postings, news updates, follow favorite celebrities, professional development, and entertainment.

Many libraries are using Twitter to post library related news and events. Hennepin County Library is one example.

Librarians are using Twitter to tweet about various library-related topics. There is even a directory of Librarians on Twitter and a list of library-related Twitter feeds. I checked these sites out and found some additional people and accounts to follow.

You can also use Twitter to follow book publishers, get book reviews, and follow your favorite authors.

Numerous businesses are on Twitter. By following the Twitter account of a business whose services you frequently use, you get may get access to information about coupons and deals.

I prefer to get my news through RSS feeds, but many of the major news sources, are using Twitter to post headlines. A list of the top 100 is here.

Additional web 2.0-- more things on a stick

The 2010 version of Things on Stick for those like me who can't enough of web 2.0 and what it has to offer. The program is brought to you by Minnesota librarians from the seven multicounty, multitype library systems. The program is self-paced and there is a monthly newsletter.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

10 Things Not to Buy in 2010

This article gives some food for thought on how just how quickly the consumer world has recently changed.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Follow Changes to Any Website

Google Reader now has a feature that allows you to follow changes to any website, even if that website does not publish an RSS feed. Details are here. For someone like me who follows a large number of websites and subscribes to a large number of RSS feeds, this is great news.

Free Online Classics and Reference Sources

Bartleby is one my favorite websites for free online classic novels and reference materials. Bartleby provides the 70 volume set of Harvard Classics. This consists of the 50 volume "5 foot shelf of books" and the the 20-volume Shelf of Fiction. Together they cover every major literary figure, philosopher, religion, folklore and historical subject through the twentieth century. The fiction set includes classic novels such as Pride and Prejudice, Crime and Punishment, Anna Karenina, and many others.

Reference sources include the World Factbook, Rogets International Thesaurus, Bartlett's Quotations, King James Bible, Oxford Shakespeare, Gray's Anatomy, Strunk's Elements of Style, and more. If you haven't bookmarked this site yet, I strongly encourage you to do so.