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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Readability and Instapaper

Ever wished the text you find the Internet would be easier to read? Readability may be the solution. It removes clutter such as advertisements and works with most browsers. You select one of five layout styles, your font size (ranging from extra small to extra large), and your margin width (ranging from extra narrow to extra wide) that you want your text to appear as. Installation is very simple. Just right click on the readability icon and add it to your favorites. When you see an article worth reading, select the "readability" bookmark. The article will then appear according to your preferred selections regarding layout, font size, and margin width.

Ever find an article of interest on the Internet that you wish to read later? Instapaper is an application that saves articles to be read later from any computer you own, including smartphones and Kindle e-book readers. Registration is free and once you've registered, you'll see a "read later" bookmarklet. Right click on this bookmarklet to add to your favorites. When you see an article you want to read later, select the "read later" bookmarklet and the article will be saved in your instapaper account.