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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Using Subscription Databases to Locate Videos

Are you looking for a video on a particular topic that your library doesn't carry or all of their copies are checked out? If you need the video for an assignment, you may not wish to wait for the video to arrive. Subscription databases often provide videos. Some examples of databases that allow for video searching include:

*Consumer Health Complete
*Educator's Reference Complete
*Encyclopedia Brittanica
*Expanded Academic ASAP
*Points of View Reference Center
*Student Resources in Context

Consumer Health Complete:
To search for videos, click on the Videos and Animations link on the main page. Over 3,300 medical animations can be searched. These animated are physician-generated with the assistance of major medical institutions. They provide information about diagnostics, diseases, and surgical procedures.

Educator's Reference Complete:
To search for videos, select Advanced Search and limit the document type to video file. There are over 2,600 videos in the database, which come from AP Videos and PBS.org The videos can be embedded and shared. The text and audio comoponents can be downloaded (but not the videos themselves).

Encyclopedia Britannica:
To search for videos, click on the Video Collection link (found under Research Tools). Videos are sorted into two categories: Video clips and Extended Play. Video clips range from 0-5 minutes and provide a quick topic overview. Extended play videos average around 10-15 minutes but can last up to one hour. Both the video clips and the extended play videos are arranged by subject. Downloads of videos are allowed and videos can be embedded. There is also the option to obtain the citations for the videos in APA and MLA styles.

Expanded Academic ASAP:
To search for videos, select Advanced Search and limit the document type to video file. There are over 23,000 videos in this database. The videos come from numerous sources, mostly news oriented. Videos can be embedded.

Points of View Reference Center:
To search for videos, select Advanced Search and limit the document type to video. You can also search for videos by clicking on "View All Topics", then selecting your topic of choice, and clicking on the Videos tab. Only some topics will have videos available. Videos come from the Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century. Videos are not downloadable.

Student Resources in Context:
To search for videos, click on Advanced Search and limit the content type to video file. There are over 89,000 videos available. Only the text component of the video can be downloaded.

Picture Books on the Decline?

See this New York Times article. Thoughts?

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Online Bookstore Wars: Google vs. Amazon

This article gives some thoughts as to the future of the online bookstore industry.


Google has now launched an online bookstore, putting it in competition with Amazon. It claims to have more books than any other online bookstore, over 3 million. The majority (2.8 million) are no longer under copyright. The remaining 200,000 are books licensed from publishers.

Unlike Amazon, the books will be able to be read on a wide variety of devices, including the Nook, Sony's E Reader, iPhones, and iPads. Google's books will not be compatible with Kindles, however.